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You can find jams and liqueurs in one place

In the heart of the imposing Argentine Patagonia, you will find “Productores Santacruceños”, a charming corner in El Calafate that invites us to immerse ourselves in the richness of the region through typical and handcrafted products that capture the essence of Santa Cruz, offering an authentic experience for visitors and locals alike.

“Productores Santacruceños” is much more than a store; it is a tribute to regional culture and tradition. Here visitors can find a wide variety of local products: there are jams and chocolates made with fruits from the Patagonian forest, candied nuts, natural cosmetics and TACC-free products. In addition local beer, pottery and handmade fabrics made by talented local craftsmen are sold. Each product tells a story and reflects the dedication of those who created it.

The store is on the access road to the Glacier, at 2371 Libertador Avenue, so a visit to the imposing Glacier National Park is the perfect opportunity to stop by on the way to or from the excursion.


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