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Proposing marriage, with the glacier as a witness

 “To fall in love you have to come to the south”, the Italian singer Rafaela Carrá used to sing in one of her classics from the 70s. People don’t come to the glacier to get married, but every now and then someone kneels on the ground, takes a little box out of a pocket and declares eternal love to his or her beloved while asking him or her to marry.

These fairy-tale postcards usually move the occasional tourists, and not a few of them prepare the surprise for their beloved with the help of photographers and tour guides who amusingly help the lover to prepare the event. This was the case of the Guatemala couple, whose photo is below these lines and who in 2022 starred in their romantic proposal on the catwalks of the glacier.

There are those who choose to declare their love while doing the Minitrekking on the glacier and even here we remember a wedding on the catwalks, but it was the one of a local couple.

 We recommend you this super romantic tip, in case you are reading this and you have someone to declare your love to. Bring the ring and we’ll set the stage.

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