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Trekking in “Seno Mayo”

“Seno Mayo” of the Argentinian Lake (Lago Argentino) is one of the most humid sectors of the Glaciers National Park. That is why the vegetation that can be seen during the two walks in the Andean Patagonian forest, is totally different from that seen in other places in the same park.

The “Mayo Spirit Trek” is the perfect combination of walks in the forest with views of waterfalls, rivers, hanging glaciers and a view of the imposing glacier Perito Moreno (Glaciar Perito Moreno). It also includes sailing in front of its north wall and making a tour on the walkways.

It is a suitable excursion for all kinds of travelers with simple walks and unique landscapes. It also allows travelers to sail the lakes, do a simple trek through ancient forests and visit Perito Moreno. In addition to being able to approach other glaciers during the same trip.

Passengers must bring: food and warm clothing, comfortable shoes for walking and a waterproof jacket.

Reservatios: reservas@southernspiritfte.com.ar

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