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Squares and the Forest Amphitheater

The city has several squares and corners, some of them with free wi-fi, where you can make a stop along the way. If you come with small children, we recommend Plaza de los Pioneros, which has big areas covered with rubber and plenty of special games (next to the bridge over the Calafate stream) or the one in the Amphitheater of the Forest. Both are safe and ideal places for children.  

If you want to have your own picnic in the open air, you can have a picnic using tables and benches in Los Niños Ausentes square or in the log squares along the coastal path.

Although the city has a steppe landscape, there are wooded parts in the squares that provide protection and shade: one of our favorite is the Anfiteatro del Bosque, where there is a sort of labyrinth of trees of different species -it used to be an experimental place- artificial waterfalls, and water fountains. In autumn, the site, located at 1500 Libertador Avenue, is a delight for autumn lovers.

Another option is the walk through the premises of the Intendencia del Parque Nacional Los Glaciares located on Libertador Avenue, there we have shadows and benches distributed in gardens while you can learn about the history of the Perito Francisco Pascasio Moreno.

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