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Petrified forests “La Leona”

It’s located midway between El Calafate and El Chaltén, in a deviation from the famous “40 Road” (Ruta 40). This unique and natural spot is in Santa Teresita Ranch (Estancia Santa Teresita). This forest has an extension of about 800 hectares (1977 acres). This geological and paleontological site no doubt becomes a different option. It’s a full day excursion specially designed for those who enjoy contact with nature and have the desire to discover unique places. Throughout the tour the forest offers us fantastic landscapes and at times they are like from another planet.

Explore an arid and winding steppe of surrealist landscapes and reach a huge natural hollow on the ground that shows petrified logs and other fossil remains at ground level.

Discover the wonderful petrified world of forests and dinosaurs where wind and water were responsible for revealing what remained hidden for millions of years. 

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