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Coastal ride on rented bicycles

 El Calafate is mostly a flat city, with only a few hills, but it’s special to be toured by bike. For example, Costanera Avenue extends for more than 10 km of asphalt and includes a section of bike path to Punta Soberana, the end of the city. In different hostels, hotels and tourist agencies on Avenida Del Libertador, you can rent bicycles, provided with helmets and in some cases also a basket.

Buying a snack, carrying water and choosing where to stop can be a good plan for explorers. You can also let yourself be tempted and try a brunch in one of the coastal bars such as “La Chacarita de Nimez” or “La Cantina”, which offer good music, excellent service and craft beers. On the same coastal route you can find more formal places for dinner that you can also get by bike, such as “El Cucharón” or “Rústico”. 

 The only difficulty to enjoy cycling is the wind, which especially in summer usually blows very hard after noon. We recommend checking the weather forecast before going on an adventure. The most used in the area is the windguru page or app.

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