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For Coffee Fans: A Journey from the tropic to Patagonia

For coffee lovers, a cup of coffee is more than just a hot drink. To drink coffee is to enjoy a ritual that involves flavors, sensations and moments. This is how Jessica Abadi and Federico Cherñavsky feel this experience. During pandemic time, they began to roast their own coffee beans for pleasure and ended up founding a company that turned out to sell coffee to their customers and to supply hotels and restaurants.

Calafate Coffee Roasters is a business that creates a link between the tropic and Patagonia. They currently have seven varieties of coffee from different origins: Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Bolivia. Curiosity and pleasure motivated them to find out more and in the end they got fully involved into the specialty coffee, a trend that seeks to highlight the attributes of coffee through responsible consumption.

The green beans are imported and then roasted here. Then the beans undergo different physical and chemical processes that end in roasted coffee ready to be consumed. During roasting, which takes from 9 to 12 minutes, the bean dehydrates, releases its humidity, loses weight, undergoes the Maillard reaction and modifies its color. Above all, it acquires incredible aromas and flavors.

“I like to enjoy coffee time in the morning or at any time. I love to have a coffee while I read a book or spend time watching people passing by in a coffee shop.” Jessica says. Soon the founders of Calafate Coffee Roasters will open their own coffee shop where they will welcome world travelers who, like them, cannot live without a cozy cup of coffee. In Patagonia, there are times, when dreams come true.

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