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Only for romantics: El Calafate has its own padlock bridge

In 2006 and 2008 a curious custom invaded two European bridges: the Milvio in Rome, built by Nerón, and the one of the Arts, in Paris, promoted by Napoleón. In those two years, people began to leave padlocks locked on their railings, to symbolize the romantic engagement, throwing the keys into the river.

Because life imitates art, the scene was repeated on both bridges, inspired by Federico Moccia’s novel “Tengo ganas de ti”, later a hit Netflix saga. In the ritual, the couple attaches the padlock to the post and then throws the key into the Tiber or the Seine. When the custom became so popular that it began to threaten the railings of both bridges, mayors decided to ban it, in Rome in 2012 and in Paris in 2015.

In El Calafate, people are still romantic and padlocks are still allowed. If you want to seal your love forever, you just have to buy a padlock, write the names of both of you and lock it on the railing of the bridge over the Calafate stream, right at the entrance of downtown. It is said that the ritual makes your love indestructible.

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