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South Glacier. Adventure: Trekking to the southernmost glaciers of the National Park

Great landscape and pristine Nature. We reach the southernmost limit of the National Park, on the border with Chile. We sail the south arm of Lake Argentino and Lake Frías, to reach, on foot, Laguna Frías Superior, into which Dickson, Cubo and Grande glaciers drain. Natural history, on the way we find glacial vestiges from 20 thousand years ago to moraines from last decade. 

We leave from Calafate, towards Glaciar Sur pier on the shores of Estancia Nibepo Aike. We sail to the very end of the South Arm of Lake Argentino into the Andes. After disembarking we start hiking towards Lake Frias, only accessible on foot. 

The trail goes through a beech forest up to a natural lookout over Lake Frias. All of this land was covered by Frias Glaciar, thousands of years ago. From up there we descend to the shore of the lake to board the Fitzcarraldo boat and sail for 5 km on amazing crystal emerald water. From the opposite shore we start another 4.5 km hike along the Frias river valley. As we approach the last moraine, the view of the glaciers get closer. 

This is a pristine area of the National Park: the surrounding valley in constant change ends up in an amphitheatre formed by Grande, Cubo and Dickson Glaciers, which drain into Frias Superior lagoon (first two) and lake Dickson, but originally all of them were part of the huge Frias Glaciar. A unique and exclusive landscape. There is free time to enjoy the landscape and have lunch before returning all the way back to El Calafate.

Note: The experience involves a long walk in a mountain environment. To confirm the departure, an online medical form must be completed as a mandatory affidavit at least 24 hours in advance of the excursion start time. Participants over 65 years old may join, subject to a physical fitness assessment as declared in the medical form.

Excursion suitable for ages 12 and older. Difficulty: MODERATE. +70/-70 meters of elevation gain/loss.

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