Let’s Calafate is the site we created to share everything we know about this large home that is El Calafate, generous destination for travelers all over the world. Many of us who live here, had love at first sight when we met Perito Moreno Glacier and retraced our steps in life until we returned to stay close to it. 

In Let’s we like to travel, be travelers and see travelers, that’s why this guide of tips, advice and useful information about our city, its places and its people. It is a proposal for you to make that trip that you began to dream of a short time before landing on this page. We want to help you with our reviews so that your choices bring you closer to the trip you imagined. 

When we thought about this guide, we not only thought about listing suggestions for tours and places, but also about telling you the story behind each product and each service you receive. At the end of the day, landscapes are just scenarios where life itself takes place; showing those stories is also the challenge we set ourselves with Let’s. 

It is said that trips are lived three times: when you plan it, when you do it and when you remember it. Let’s wants to help you with ideas and suggestions while the planning lasts, which will come true the day you land here. But what we really want is to remain in your memories and that you come back to this page to tell us about your experience or simply to look back together on that trip that you dared to take. 

Several decades ago, when we came here for the first time, everything was smaller and an unpaved road connected the town to the glacier. Today the city has grown by thousands and has infrastructure for all tastes. But there are things that have not changed, like the magic of living just steps from one of the last freshwater reservoirs on the planet or the excitement that awaits around the Curva de los Suspiros when the glacier appears in all its magnitude. 

We see tourists contemplating the glacier from the walkways or walking along the shore of Lago Argentino and we see ourselves reflected in their faces of surprise and admiration when discovering new places. Our purpose is to tell you the stories of our place so that you can write yours. 

We will wait for you

Let’s Calafate Team