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The three best places to watch the sunset

 El Calafate is a great place to make the most of photography, either taking pictures of the stars or simply taking advantage of the twilight hour. Keep in mind that if you visit us in summer, because we are on the 50th parallel, the days are longer and the sun sets over the mountain range between 9.30 and 10 pm! And if you visit El Calafate in winter, the days are shorter and the sunset will be at 5 pm.

Here we share with you our places to get the best sunsets in El Calafate, where the skies look like pictures taken of a Michelangelo painting.

1.After a 30 minute walk from downtown, in the Aeropuerto Viejo neighborhood, we can find  one of the elevations of the city, walking down the street 605 (so it appears on Google Maps) or Cacho Wyss, you arrive the hotel “Fuerte Calafate”. From there there is an unmissable view of the whole city and the lake. You can go by cab or walking. In front of you will be the Lago Argentino and the sun will be over the mountains to the west.

2. If you go along the waterfront, heading east, 2.5 km from downtown you will find a panoramic point on the sandy beach on Lake Argentino, right across from the hotel Las Dunas. On summer days, it is an excellent meeting point for locals who, if the temperature is high, dive into the icy water. Also from there some people sail their kayaks.

3. Also on the waterfront, just 22 minutes walk from the main avenue, is the Plaza de los Niños Ausentes, where there’s a roundabout with log games where you can sit on a swing and let your happy spirit play while the sun sets.

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