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Pilar Melano: “When asked what is the best time to visit the glacier…”

When asked what is the best time to visit the glacier, I say “whenever you want”; in summer, the days are extremely long and the light is infinite, in autumn, the blue sky and the ice enhance the ochre of the surrounding forests, in spring, the flowers grow larger to decorate the path; in winter… I’ve never been in winter; anyway, the magic is in nature itself.

What cannot be missed when visiting the glacier is patience, the first impression is wanting to see it all at once, to take in the grandeur of the landscape, but as one gets closer, one understands that it will be impossible, that it is the landscape that absorbs you.

The best thing to do is walk and breathe, slowly, calmly, letting the air that comes from the mountains touch your face, letting the tenacity of the forest leaves shade and hide you, and with each step, discover the ice; it turns out it is bigger, much bigger than one can imagine before arriving, and yet it always seems to be playing hide and seek.

And yes, if we already have patience, I always recommend visitors to dress in layers because it can be cold or hot or both; water, something to eat, and the company of someone who enjoys conversation and also silence; oh! Also, look up, you might see condors!

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