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Recommendations for short and not-to-be-missed tours

All those who come for the first time, visit the Perito Moreno Glacier, which can be visited by excursion or by regular bus line that leaves from the Bus Terminal, this alternative is the cheapest, but you will go without a guide to explain what you are discovering on the way. If you come by car, you can go on your own to visit the most famous glacier of the Park, deciding where to stop along the route to take pictures at the panoramic points. The glacier is located 76 km away from the center of the city by provincial route 11, the road is paved and well signposted. The entrance to Los Glaciares NP is 40 km away, where the entrance fee is paid. From September the gates open at 8:00 am.

 Another option is to rent a car and enjoy the ride at your own pace. All the “rent a car” agencies have an office at the airport or you can consult it in this guide.

Among the midday excursions there are 4×4 circuits that go up Huiliche hill -located behind the city- to the Balcones de Calafate, from where you can see panoramic views of Lago Argentino and hike through a cretaceous valley with strange geological formations. Another option in 4×4, takes you to the Walichu Caves, which you arrive at after traveling along the southern shore of Lake Argentino, where you can see cave paintings and have lunch or dinner inside a millenary cave.

Visiting a Patagonian Estancia is another great plan, generally visits are made in spring and summer and you can appreciate the life of a typical estancia, see a demonstration of herding and shearing and walk around and taste an Argentine asado. Among the options are the Estancias “25 de Mayo”, “Nibepo Aike”, “Estancia Alice” and “La Estela”, “Estancia Mitre”, or across Lake Argentino, “Estancia Cristina”. Some of them, due to the distance, require a full day.

Without leaving the city the “Walking tour” is an excellent experience with local guides who like the history of the place, it is done on foot and starts from the door of the Intendencia de Parques Nacionales, or go to the waterfront avenue where in a 1 hour tour you can observe the birds that the Laguna Nímez Reserve treasures. An excellent place to appreciate the sunset.

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