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Comision mountain: a half day getaway, only minutes away from the city

This place is not usually included by organized excursions, however it is one of the favorite places of the calafateños, as the inhabitants of the city are called. It is Cerro Comisión or Los Elefantes, geological formations located 15 km from El Calafate on Provincial Route 11, on the road that leads to Los Glaciares National Park.

For those who want to plan their own circuit, a trekking trip to Cerro Comisión or Los Elefantes is a free and fun option to take advantage of half a day off. You can get there by car or by cab, which will drop you off at the foot of the vertical walls, which climbers often use for climbing.

After a short walk around the elephant figures, there is a barely marked path that climbs gently and without major difficulties. Upon reaching the top there is an exuberant view of Lago Argentino. At the top, there is no place to take shelter, so you should avoid too windy days. On one of the walls of the hill there is a huge rockfall, the result of an earthquake in 2021 whose epicenter was determined in a nearby area. It is recommended to stay away from this area.

Do not forget to bring water, a snack, and sunscreen. You can go up in ordinary sneakers but trekking shoes are recommended for safety

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