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Rent a Car

If you want to move around El Calafate with total freedom, car rental can be the option you are looking for. Here we present all the car rental companies, with different types of cars to suit your needs, whether you are looking for something economical or a more luxurious vehicle.

Most car rental agencies have their offices at Armando Tola International Airport, located 22 km from the city. A good option is to rent it from the airport and start driving from there. During the high season, which extends from October to March here, there are also offices in the city center.

The advantage of renting your car here is that you can take several excursions on your own without being subject to the schedules of a guided tour. If you rent a car, you can go to Los Glaciares National Park and there hire boat trips in front of the glacier or, you can go on your own to Punta Bandera Port from where full day boat trips depart on Lake Argentino that visit ranches and glaciers. In most excursions, an extra fee must be paid when transfer from the city to the starting point of the excursion is included.

We leave you the list of agencies so you can contact and make your own reservation.

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