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Intimacy of a restaurant, homemade food and the warmth of home

A modality that has already become popular is to eat in non-traditional restaurants served by their owners. Here Gabo Carrizo started with “Rancho Aparte”, and for several years he has  welcomed diners from all over the world directly to his kitchen.

The key is that he shares the aromas and flavors of the Italian cuisine that have surrounded him since childhood in his own house. He receives passengers who enjoy meals prepared by him and some of them even help him before dinner, which is scheduled early and always with previous reservation.

Over time, Rancho Aparte’s menu has been enriched and offers different homemade food options. Some of the main dishes are braised lamb with rosehip and sweet potatoes, salmon pie and gratin vegetable carbonade. And among the desserts a white chocolate brownie with strawberries and malbec stands out.

Diners share a table of up to 12 people, taste homemade food and enjoy a special moment together with a good wine. The magic does not fail, and that distinguishes this unsual restaurant to the point that in the well-known Tripadvisor platform it has been awarded for three consecutive years as a spot of excellence based on the comments of its diners.

Only with prior reservations at: https://ranchoapartecalafate.meitre.com/ and you can learn more on their Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/ranchoapartecalafate/.

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