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Clothing equipment to bring

No matter what time of the year you come to El Calafate, you always have to bring warm clothes. The climate in our region is characterized mainly by being “dry”, which means that the large seasonal temperature fluctuations should not prevent you from enjoying a variety of outdoor activities, but to better enjoy them, it is necessary to bring warm clothes, even if you come in summer. The prevailing winds come from the west and southwest, being more intense during the summer.

The average annual temperature is around 7.2°C, reaching an average of approximately 1.8°C in July and a pleasant 18.6°C in January.

When it comes to your choice of clothing, in Patagonia we dress “onion” style or in layers: that is to say, several pieces of clothing that allow us to adapt to the very warm environments or to the low temperatures outside. A windbreaker with a hood and coats is a must, as well as gloves, scarves and a jacket for those occasions when the weather turns icy.

Footwear is a must: sneakers or hiking boots are especially recommended. Do not forget to bring sunglasses and sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 60 to protect you from the sun that shines brightly in our region. And even in summer, don’t forget to carry a hat, gloves, neck warmers and even some thermal socks can be helpful.

If you forgot some of the clothes or you think you will be cold, there are places on Libertador Avenue where you can rent them. Here we follow the weather APPs day by day to know what the changing weather will bring, especially the site windguru.cz.

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