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A healing massage after a day of trekking!

After a day full of adventure and hiking through challenging trails, there is nothing like the luxury of a healing massage. Massages after trekking or after long hours standing in front of the glacier are much more than a simple pleasure; they are an effective way to revitalize both body and spirit.

After hours of intense movement and physical challenges in trekking activities, muscles can feel tight and fatigued. A post-trekking massage provides deep relaxation that releases accumulated tension in the muscles. At the Ileana Quevedo Aesthetic Center they have a special circuit to offer tourists who require a restorative massage. Booking is quick and easy through their website.

Ileana Quevedo is a kinesiologist and leads an expert team of professionals who will be able to give you the right relief to revitalize your muscles and get you ready for the next adventure. But that’s not all; don’t forget that the harshness of the sun and wind is felt especially in Patagonia, so you can take advantage of your trip to refresh your skin.

A good option for those who arrive loaded with stress and adrenaline to their vacation is to take advantage of this trip to make a personal pampering, turn off the phone and surrender to a beauty treatment.  Deep skin cleansing, radiofrequency or facial rejuvenation with IPL are some options to restore firmness, light and smoothness to the face and body.

This Aesthetic Center is located at 1872 Raúl Miño Street, formerly 12th Street, and has all the state-of-the-art treatments offered in the best aesthetic centers in the country. You can upgrade your vacation!

On the website you can make appointments online https://esteticaileanaquevedo.com/ or learn more through Instagram @estetica_ileana_quevedo

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