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German bakery: a coffee and a pretzel that takes you to Bavaria

Bretzel, oatmeal and coconut cookies, linz cake, strudel, stollen. There is a little corner of El Calafate that looks like a picture out of a fairy tale, like one taken in villages with snow-capped peaks and castles in the Bavarian area. It is called PANtagonia, and it is an authentic reservoir of German pastries.

PANtagonia is the creation of Bernd Ferstl, baker, musician and honorary German consul whose love for Bonnie, now his wife, brought him to settle here. Together they are the soul of the bakery. In this cozy shop located in 1329 Libertador Avenue you can stay for a coffee in a bright and quiet room that invites to deep conversations, or just enjoy the moment.

You can choose from a delicious brunch with cold meat or cold cuts, scrambled eggs, pastries and coffee; sándwiches with thin layers of bread, all kinds of German-inspired pastries, and at Christmas, the unique Stollen, the typical Italian “pannetone”, in which the orange-flower water is replaced with almond essence.

 PANtagonia is an essential meeting point for visitors, while for locals it is a place where you can breathe an air of freedom.

 Instagram: @pantagonia_panaderia

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