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Explore El Calafate through the pleasure in each chocolate

The fragant aroma of cocoa has always reigned in the Guerrero family, it is the same scent that welcomes each customer when the door of the small and elegant shop opens and invites you to dive into the charming world of chocolate. On the counter, a little basket with pieces of chocolates tempts us to try them.

When Zelmar arrived here in the 1960s, tourism was just starting, the unpaved streets and the long 77 kilometers to the Perito Moreno Glacier became a torment for any vehicle. Anyway, more than 50 years ago he made a dream come true in the kitchen of his house: to make a product that identifies El Calafate. Today his daughters, Anita and Karina, continue working on that dream and they became the first chocolate factory of the town.

A copper pan to melt the chocolate and a marble counter to make it temperate together with a marketing process as innovative as the product were the first engine of this great project. When the production was ready, he assembled little boxes and distributed them among his coworkers and his wife did the same at the school were she worked as a teacher.

Chocolatería Guerrero dates back to 1968, today located on 1249 Libertador Avenue, is the first chocolate shop in the city that managed to keep the tradition based on its own recipes improved over time. Since then they have never stopped: the key was to maintain excellence in the raw material quality. They made use of their creativity and culinary magic by mixing berries from Patagonia to achieve pink chocolate. They also started using European moulds and airbrushes together with colours to decorate chocolate. Above all, they never stopped creating a close bond with their customers.

Chocolate is cut by knife and decorated by hand. Combined with native fruits, especially the one obtained from the calafate tree, and hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts. The bars are made of white, milk or bitter chocolate and in sticks (similar to the branches of a tree). There are also bars with pistachio, caramel, marroc, dulce de leche, almonds and cereals and everything that will delight the traveler’s soul.

Casa Guerrero:

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