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Visit Glaciers National Park

Visiting the Glaciers National Park – World Heritage – is something we should do once in a lifetime.

Among the hundreds of glaciers in the Park, Perito Moreno is the most famous for its beauty, its easy access and its breaking processes that repeat every few years to the astonishment of the chosen few who are able to appreciate that unique moment.

Perito Moreno Glacier is 75 km. away from El Calafate by paved road. In the first 40 km. the Patagonian steppe is crossed, until we reach the entrance of the National Park, where we’ll become immersed in Magallanes forest, plenty of “ñires”, sour cherry trees, “lengas” and “notros” (typical flora), while the road runs along the north shore of Rico Lake (Lago Rico).

Once on the Glacier, our eyes won’t be enough to appreciate such beauty. The walkways of several kilometres allow you to see the icewalls from different balconies. On a clear day it’s also possible to glimpse the nascent of the mountain range. 

The excursion can be done through: regular services or travel agencies. There are alternatives from different companies, by private or rental car.

On-site services: restaurant, snack bar, bathrooms, parking lot, sailing excursions.

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