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Astrophotography, the art of star hunting

Astrophotography is the discipline that matches the enjoyment of night landscapes with the art of photography to portray the most spectacular images of the galactic center; star trails; circumpolar, etc. The magic of this art is to be able to capture the immensity of the night skies, framing objects with high Patagonian identity.

In the surroundings of El Calafate, thanks to its very low light pollution, you can live this experience with the girls of Patagonian Skies. Three professional women passionate about photography and nature. They take a maximum of 10 passengers to get the best images of the Patagonian skies, starting in the golden hour and continuing until the astronomical darkness.

Can you imagine dining under the stars of our galaxy, enjoying a high quality wine in the middle of the steppe, while your camera placed on the tripod captures a sky full of stars? The experience is 100% smoke-free and uses recyclable and compostable resources. If you have any doubts, you can ask the astrochicas for more details about the excursion.

More information: https://qr.io/r/Xrt6pq


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