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Aromatic oils: an adventure of aromas that awakens senses

Lavenders not only dye violet gardens, hotels and the local landscape but also its scent invades the streets of the town. Micaela Tittarelli, a young woman born in the city, created a close link between Nature and wellness through her inspiring project: The Distillery. She devoted herself to the process of distilling native and non-native plants with medicinal properties to transform them into essential oils, creams and ointments.

In their quest to discover the secrets of Nature, they have made countless tests and improvements in the distillation process in order to obtain the purest and most effective oils with a strong respect for Nature.

Nowadays, their distillates capture the essences of the famous lavender, cypress, eucalyptus and “paramela” trees, which is considered one of the ancestral plants of Patagonia. In addition, they also distill aromatic plants that they cultivate themselves. Each distillation is a symphony of natural fragrances, an expression of the devotion and love that Micaela and her family have invested in this enterprise.

Can you imagine taking home as a souvenir a small bottle of lavender essential oil from El Calafate? You can find their products in the Santacruceño Market, and in other stores in the city or buy them in their online store.

In short, El Destilador is much more than a brand of essential oils; it is an expression of respect for Nature and a bond with the community.


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