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LGBT+ Friendly

The city combines freedom and diversity with unique experiences in a wonderful natural environment. The local Department of Tourism works in cooperation with the private sector to create experiences that are increasingly inclusive.

For this reason, numerous service providers have the Todxs Bienvenidxs Seal, which means an expression of the commitment to inclusion, the generation of safe spaces free of discrimination for travelers from the LGBTIQ+ community.

The distinction is part of the Federal Program on LGBTIQ+ Tourism articulated by the Argentine LGBT Chamber of Commerce (Ccglar) together with the National Institute of Tourism Promotion (Inprotur) and has the support of the Federal Network of LGBT+ Tourism.

In this section we include the accommodations that have the official seal, however, there are more accommodations that were consulted by Let’s Calafate that are open to receive all passengers without distentions, guaranteeing them a pleasant and comfortable stay.

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