Let’s Calafate: A key Patagonian travel resourceAccommodationBudget-Friendly


El Calafate is a destination for all budgets, also for those who wish to explore the destination without spending too much money on accommodation. For this reason the destination has hostels and budget hotels with a wide menu.

There are several located near the bus station and also very close to Libertador Avenue, the main street of the town where restaurants, bars, cafés and souvenir stores are concentrated, and also nearby shops for those who want to take advantage of the hostel’s kitchen to prepare their own menu. 

The hostels and tourist hotels are, as in other parts of the world, an ideal place to establish contact with other travelers, to share a table and also to share experiences and travel recommendations.

Several of these establishments also offer everything from bicycle rentals to excursion booking at the front desk. Most have private and shared rooms and above all lobbies with armchairs and meeting places.

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