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Gourmet and Homemade

Hotel restaurants and those offering gourmet cuisine present a high-end culinary experience: you can find from grilled seafood including spider crab, black hake, shrimp, trout, salmon and prawns; to dishes such as shrimp cured in paramela on lamb sweetbreads, or black hake with smoked turnip cream and calafate salt flakes, to mention only some of the most attractive proposals of the local cuisine.

As for Patagonian meat, for some years now there have been many cooks in El Calafate preparing special dishes with guanaco meat, which, although it is a protected species, in Santa Cruz there is overpopulation and its controlled slaughter is allowed. Today you can taste empanadas, steak, ravioli and even pickled meat; it is a tasty, healthy meat, free of cholesterol and saturated fats.

The personalized experience of in-house restaurants is also growing here, where travelers approach the local cuisine to exchange recipes and stories while enjoying exquisite dishes prepared in front of them.

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